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  • More news from Danish scam facilitator KBH Andelskasse

    The extent of the two scandals surrounding the Georgian-Ukrainian-Israeli scam broker network of the Milton Group on the one hand and the money laundering of the Danish KBH Andelskasse on the other hand is involving exponentially. Authorities from Spain via Denmark to Ukraine are currently conducting intensive investigations. Whistleblowers and victims have provided us with bank details to trace the scammers. As the victim cases of the Milton Group scams, FXPrime and InvestingPro expose.

  • FCA asked to really supervise Wirecard mini-me Moorwand!

    FCA asked to really supervise Wirecard mini-me Moorwand!

    FCA made a big mistake back in summer 2017 when it withdrew its warning against the crypto scam OneCoin. Back then FCA's withdrawal was used by the OneCoin salespeople to advertise the scheme even more aggressively to naive consumers. FCA actually facilitated the scam. Unwillingly, admitted but nevertheless it did. This is what BBC journalist Jamie Bartlett uncovered in episode 9 of the BBC’s The Missing Cryptoqueen podcast. And there is Moorwand which we call the Wirecard mini-me regulated by FCA.

  • UK FCA refuses to compensate scam victim despite register mistake

    A fake Austrian investment firm The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has refused to reimburse a scam victim despite a mistake of the regulator in...