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  • CMNV Warnings against scam Broker LMFX and FinmaxFX

    The Spanish regulator CNMV issued several investor warnings against several scam brokers earlier this week. These include LMFX operated by Global Trade Partners Ltd, Macedonia,...

  • Law Enforcement request for information for HybridReserve broker scam

    FinTelegram was asked by an EU law enforcement agency to ask for information about the broker scam HybridReserve. The authorities have received several fraud complaints from retail investors. Already in February 2019 the Belgian regulator Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) and other regulators issued an investor warning against HybridReserve, which is operated by Singlebell Ltd in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Singlebell OÜ from Estonia.

  • Spanish Watchdog CNMV warns against Swissgems and MarketsCFD

    A few days ago, the Austrian Financial Market Authority FMA issued an investor warning against the broker scam StarkMarkets, which is operated by the entities Krisimark Ltd and SWISSGEM Ltd. This week, the Spanish regulator CNMV issued a warning against SWISSGEM and the broker scam MarketsCFD which it operates. In May 20120 the Italian CONSOB has already blocked MarketsCFD (www.marketscfd.net).

  • Another warning against PumaTS white-label scam BlueSave

    After the UK FCA had already warned against the PumaTS white-label broker Scam BlueSave in July 2020, the Spanish regulator CNMV also issued an investor warning. The scam is operated under the domain www.bluesave.io via the Buen Solutions Ltd, a company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The scam is still active as we have checked but the payment processors have changed.

  • Spanish Watchdog CNMV warns against GlobalspotFX and Trade Com

    The Spanish regulator CNMV has issued an investor warning against the scam broker GlobalspotFX (www.globalspotfx.com). The scam is allegedly operated by Trade Com Limited for an office in London. As a payment provider we have found the Russian PayeCards (www.payecards.com). Already in July 2020, the Italian regulator CONSOB had issued a warning against the scam.

  • EU License Passporting – Spanish CNMV allegedly plans actions to stop malicious practices

    According to a report by Gerald Segal of FX News Group (FNG), the Spanish regulator CNMV is planning tough measures against regulated brokers to protect Spanish customers. Specifically, these are mainly CySEC regulated brokers who operate in Spain through the EU Passporting License. The CNMV measures are designed to prohibit the common illegal practices of many regulated brokers and their respective boiler rooms.

  • Spanish CNMV warns against serial broker scams

    The Spanish regulator CNMV today issued investment warnings against some scam broker brands which are operated by serial scammers. They are are "Quick-and-Dirty" mutations of standard scam broker templates and apparently have been produced in the very same scam factory. All of these scams have a strong relationship into the Russian scene and deploy Russian payment processors.

  • Broker scams LincolnFX, ZurixCorp, and its payment processors

    The UK watchdog FCA and the Spanish regulator CNMV issued investor warnings against the scam broker LincolnFX operated by Lincolnfx.capital Ltd. It's still online on August 5, 2020. The FinTelegram Research team has received documents from some of the scam's victims and thus has taken a closer look. Consequently, facilitating payment processors like Plus Exchange or Titan Payments as well as interesting connections have been identified.

  • Gooood Morning BaFin – it’s time to start protecting, supervising, and cybercrime fighting!

    It's stunning. Before the eyes of the world public, the scandal of the DAX listed Wirecard unfolded over years while the BaFin did nothing but file complaints against investigative journalists and traders. BaFin has the legal mandate to protect the capital market and investors. Despite numerous warnings and circumstantial evidence, it has not fulfilled this mandate. BaFin must be accused of gross negligence and embezzlement.

  • Austrian regulator FMA warns against Joshua Group and its 10CryptoMarket scam

    Austrian regulator FMA warns against Joshua Group and its 10CryptoMarket scam

    On 25 July 2020, the Austrian Financial Market Authority FMA issued an investor warning against Joshua Development Ltd and its new broker scam 10CryptoMarket (www.10cryptomarket.com). In the past years, the Joshua Group has operated a number of scams via various dummy companies such as Joshua Consulting Ltd, Joshua Partners EOOD, or Joshua Development Ltd. Financial market supervisory authorities have issued corresponding investor warnings against the Joshua Group.