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  • Maxigrid Case – Open Letter to CySEC chairwoman and Europol

    Maxigrid Case – Open Letter to CySEC chairwoman and Europol

    FinTelegram and EFRI have sent an open letter concerning Maxigrid and the related broker scams like RoyalsFX or LincolnFX (to name only two) to Demetra Kalogerou, chairwoman of CySEC, and Europol. The claim of The Financial Ombudsman Service of the Republic of Cyprus that CySEC would not be responsible for the crypto activities of the investment firms they regulate is wrong in our view. In addition, Maxigrid also handled bank deposits for scams hance was involved in fraudulent FIAT transactions too.

  • Fight Cybercrime – Open EFRI Letter to FATF on the German problem

    Currently, the Wirecard tsunami sweeps over Germany and destroys the reputation of the capital market and its institutions. The responsible authorities, auditors, and politicans are sort of playing the "Trip to Jerusalem" or "Musical chair" and deny any guilt in causing this drama. The frightening truth is that Germany has a systemic problem with cybercrime and money laundering. The consequence of this truth is that Germany must review the state of its authorities and its approach to cybercrime. And FATF should have a very close watch!

  • The EFRI Mission – Involving Regulators and Prosecutors to Recover Funds for Defrauded Investors

    The European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI), co-founded by FinTelegram, is specialized in the recovery of funds of investors who have been defrauded by investment scams. Furthermore, EFRI sees itself as an advocate for investors and investor protection. Currently, EFRI has been granted a Power of Attorney by more than 800 victims which have been defrauded of more than EUR 34 million. The approach applied by EFRI differs in several aspects from the activities of lawyers and other organizations in the recovery business. Also because EFRI is organized as an initiative and association of victims.