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  • TrustPilot – The scammers’ tool to construct alternative realities

    It is a well-known fact that scammers can use TrustPilot in a very targeted way to buy reviews to get a high rating and thus a reputable image. The global scammer scene works with specialized marketing companies that offer good TrustPilot reviews as part of a precisely targeted reputation management. For this purpose, they employ a large number of people and operate many more fake accounts through which reviews are submitted. A case in point is the broker scam Capital Way.

  • Austrian FMA warns against forex and crypto broker RaxTrade

    The Austrian regulator FMA has issued an investor warning against the RaxTrade broker scam. According to information on the website, the scam is operated by ROI Stock Limited, registered by St. Vincent and the Grenadines, under the domain www.raxtrade.com. As a payment processor, BridgerPay is integrated and credit and debit card payments as well as deposits via crypto the ways to lose money to this scam.

  • UK Watchdog FCA warns against Capital Way Group scam with Praxis Cashier

    The UK regulator FCA issued an investor warning on 9 September 2020 against the scam broker Capital Way (aka Capital Way Group) operating with the domains www.capitalway.com and www.capitalway-group.com. According to the information on the website, the broker is operated by Eastridge Capital Ltd in the Marshall Islands and Usein Power Ltd allegedly registered in Bulgaria. Praxis Cashier from Amit Klatchko is the payment processor.

  • FCA warns against scam broker TradingTeck with Praxis Cashier

    The UK FCA issued a warning against the scam broker TradingTeck (www.tradingteck.com) on 9 September 2020. The broker is a brand of SecVision Limited, allegedly registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The payment processor of the scam is once again Praxis Cashier from Amit Klatchko. Via the Praxis Cashier, credit and debit card payments as well as payments via Klarna can be made.

  • Dear Bank of Lithuania – please explain your situation with International Fintech!

    Dear Bank of Lithuania – please explain your situation with International Fintech!

    According to reports by Lithuanian journalist Vakaris Deksnys, the Bank of Lithuania has terminated the license of the International FinTech UAB of Israelis Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovsky without providing a reason. It already happened in July 2020. No statement was given by the regulator on this matter as it would be necessary and required. That's a strange approach. How can a regulated company simply disappear form an EU regulator's list without further explanation?

  • Breaking News – Notorious International Fintech no longer has a Lithuanian EMI license

    The International FinTech UAB of the Israelis Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovsky has no more license in Lithuania. Thus, within a few months, the two Israeli payment pundits have lost both regulated companies in Lithuania. Already in April 2020, the Bank of Lithuania withdrew the license of Bruc Bond (formerly Moneta International) due to systematic violations of the compliance guidelines and problems with money laundering. At present, it is not clear why International Fintech has also lost its license.

  • UK FCA warns against broker scam ApcoFX operating with Estonian crypto entities

    The UK FCA has issued an investor warning against the scam broker ApcoFX (www.apcofx.com), allegedly based in Germany and London. The scam is being developed in cooperation with the Estonian crypto payment processors CryptoFactory OÜ and their crypto exchange Bitxtech (www.bitx-pay.com) and Zichain OÜ and their Rashbe (www.rashbe.com) Crypto Payment Platform. Both companies have one of the worthless Estonian FIU licenses.

  • Binary Options Court Season – The Great Manipulation Game

    The Israeli boiler room CEO Lee Elbaz was already convicted of investment fraud by a U.S. jury in August 2019. She must serve 22 years in prison and repay $28 million to investors. In Vienna, the Israeli Gal Barak has been sentenced to four years imprisonment without probation and the confiscated millions will be repaid to his victims. In the U.S. and Canada, regulators are suing the notorious Canadian-Israeli Cartu Brothers for binary options fraud. Accusations of lies and systematic manipulation are the very essence of the charges and complaints.

  • Igor Korzuv and the Estonian crypto license factory Private Finance

    The 27-year-old Estonian Igor Korzuv is a busy man. He is currently a board member in five crypto payment processors. His appointments are likely to have less to do with his experience as a financial manager or crypto professional than with the fact that he works for the Estonian company builder Private Finance. Apparently, the Estonian FIU as the competent regulatory authority has no problem with this approach. And has no problem that some of these companies are involved in scams.