Investor Warning – FCA warns against Bleaxmond and ForexGrowth broker scams

The UK regulator FCA has warned against the Estonian broker scam Bleaxmond. Since the warning, the registration on the website ( is blocked. The illegal broker is operated by AlephLink Solutions Ltd OÜ, which is registered in Estonia. Efthymios Marangos and Karmo Neider are registered as directors.

AlephLink Solutions has one of the worthless Estonian crypto finance licenses. The scammers are currently acquiring these licenses in bulk through Estonian consulting companies to operate their scams and being able to purport to be a licensed payment processor.

Furthermore, the FCA has issued a warning against the broker scam ForexGrowth ( According to the information on the website, the scam is operated by 24TradeFX Ltd, based in London. The company is not registered at the UK Companies House. It is also through this dummy company that scam 24TradeFX ( is operated. Both mutations of this spam rely on cryptocurrencies and ask their customer victims to make deposits via Bitcoin using LocalBitcoins.

Stay away from these broker scams and report any information you might have.

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