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The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a public investor warning against the broker Scam RoyalGTX. This Broker Scam has indeed interesting connections to Estonian payment processors and is to be positioned via Juno Group Ltd in the environment of the Scam Broker Network of PumaTS. The RoyalGTX scam is facilitated by the payment processors iPayTotal, Pradexx, and NeoBanQ.

RoyalGTX and PumaTS

FinTelegram News has recently reported about the scams around the white label platform provider PumaTS which is apparently very closely linked to CySEC-regulated Leverate Financial Services Ltd. An initial analysis has shown that both the RoyalGTX, now exposed by the UK FCA, and the broker scam FmiAtlas (www.fmiatlas.com) apparently belong together.

Both scams are most likely operated as white-label solutions of PumaTS. They have an identical technical platform, an almost identical process design, and the very same PayBox payment solution (https://cashier.paymentpb.com/) and integrated the same payment processors such as iTotalPay or Pradexx.

RoyalGTX and FmiAtlas payment options with PayBox solution
RoyalGTX and FmiAtlas payment options

High-Risk Payment Processor iPay Total

The unregulated payment processor iPayTotal (www.ipaytotal.com) is operated by the iPayTotal Group according to the information on the website. This group operates in the EU via the Estonian iPayTotal OÜ, a company established only in July 2020 and is represented in England via iPaySolutions Ltd. All rights of iPayTotal belong to iPay Total LLC in Delaware. In the UK Companies House, Senthooran Kuganathan is provided as the only person with significant control.

In any case, we know that iPayTotal accepts broker scams like RoyalGTX as customers and apparently cooperates with the PumaTS group.

Israeli-Estonian Pradexx

Pradexx seems to be an Israeli payment processor that operates via an Estonian legal entity. On its LinkedIn profile, three managers are provided who are Israeli citizens: Luba Shissel Frumson, Eviatar Laniado, and Zack Mehdipour.

According to its website, Pradexx (www.pradexx.com) is a payment processor operated by the Estonian Pradexx OÜ, established in Jan 2018. Moreover, Pradexx seems to be closely connected to Juno Group Ltd. The latter is one of the scam clients of the scam broker network PumaTS and operator of FmiAtlas broker scams.

Juno Group and Pradexx Payment Solutions
Juno Group and Pradexx Payment Solutions

The ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) and manager of Juno Group Ltd, a company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Feb 2020 under the business company no 25771 BC 2020, is the Estonian citizen Julia Krasno, born Dec 1987.

Krasno registered Juno Group and the FmiAtlas broker scam with UpayCard providing the email address julia.krasno@protonmail.com.

Julia Krasno – UBO and manager of Juno Group Ltd

At this point we cannot say for sure if the RoyalGTX Broker Scam is also operated by Juno Group Ltd with Julia Krasno. What we can say is that RoyalGTX belongs to the PumaTS network and is obviously implemented as a white label solution.

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